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seit 1878

  1. The Design Hotels Book. Edition 2012.

    VERGRIFFEN! 2012. 482 S., sehr zahlr. farb. Abb., Text: engl., Gb.
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  2. Der Dom zu Regensburg.


    restlos vergriffen, 2012. 700 S. m. 2500 Abb. 30 cm GEB
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  3. Universität Miséricorde Freiburg

    Repr. v. 1941. August 2014. 280 S. m. 230 Abb. u. Pln., Geb.
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  4. New container architecture.

    One of the youngest branches of architecture, container architecture includes a variety of buildings with different purposes, typologies and appearances that nonetheless have a least one thing in common: the ISO container. Like Lego blocks, containers can be combined to create almost anything. They are perfect for temporary constructions, public buildings, family homes, event architecture and everything in between. The diversity and high quality of projects successfully transforming the metal box from a cocoon into a butterfly merely underline that it is not what you build with but how you build it.
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  5. Horror-Architektur

    Oktober 2014. 200 S., zahlr. farb. Abb., Br.
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  6. Parkhäuser und Tiefgaragen. 2 Bde.

    Neuausg. September 2016. 555 S., über 200 meist farb. Abb. Geb.
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  7. Läden 2014

    Neuausg. 2014. 160 S. m. zahlr. Farbfotos, Geb.
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  8. Container Atlas. Handbuch der Container Architektur.

    Neuauflage September 2016. 256 S., zahlr. farb. Abb., Pläne, Grundr., Geb.
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  9. Library. Architecture + Design (= Masterpieces).

    Neuauflage 2014. 304 S., zahlr. farb. Abb., Text:Engl., Geb.
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  10. Straßenplanung.

    Neuaufl. 2014. IX, 360 S. m. 332 Abb. 24 cm KT
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